Monday, March 11, 2013

Marching Right Along

In keeping with my apparent one post per month kind of pace, I'm getting well ahead of the game for March.   The past weeks have been filled with my foray into the knitting world.  I have a really good teacher, she is nice to me and patient.  I forgot to take a picture of my very first knitting piece which was just a swatch of stitches and a veritable knitting playground.  I tried knitting and purling and did my best to remember what was what.  I made a couple ribbed sections and practiced switching between the two stitches until I was comfortable.  Then came the scarf . . .

Um, I made it out of yarn . . . and it is a cable pattern.  G still has the pattern, I thought it would be burned into my brain, but I only remember P4,K3,P4,K15,P4,K3,P4 . . . and P7,K4,P15,K4,P7.  There was some repetition and a little variation to get the cable part done.  I only had one big mess up where I didn't cable in the right direction and had to unknit a bunch of rows which was pretty scary, but we fixed it.

We also made some dumpling/potsticker things from scratch the other night.  Standard pasta and even ravioli are pretty easy for us as a team, but these guys were a new test.  I tried to take the easy way out when G offered to buy potsticker wrappers at Sakura Square, but unfortunately the market was already closed, so we blazed forward bravely with a new type of pasta dough.

The basic dough is flour, salt and boiling water.  For some reason I thought I'd be ok kneading for 10 minutes by hand so I skipped using the food processor.  After getting my workout in, it was time to roll, stuff and close some dumplings.

The dumpling press was purchased one morning at the Pacific Mercantile after we dined on dim sum at Super Star Asian.  It came in quite handy as hand crimping 36 dumplings would have been a chore.

For the filling, we went with shrimp, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, napa cabbage, and a few other ingredients.  G mixed up her favorite dipping sauce of garlic chili paste and soy.  The cooking process was fairly straight forward . . . brown one side of dumplings in pan, steam in pan, brown the other side lightly.

 The end result was delicious!

There have been some other various adventures since my last post.  We all, Dempsey included, went on ski vacation to Steamboat.  G and I took knife skills class at Cook St. and we both have all of our fingers still.  I rode bikes inside, I rode bikes outside . . . and despite the season, we made things grow . . .

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