Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Genius Idea Down the Tubes

So you say you are too busy to have a dog? Well, now you don't have to have one full-time, you can time share a dog with another loving family. Two lucky families in Camden, NJ share Kujo/Fluffy, a Chow-Rottweiler mix, on a weekly basis. One family is training Kujo to be a guard dog to protect their illegal growing operation while the other family is training Fluffy to be an assistance dog for residents of an assisted living home. The dog never gets confused between the two families, what a heartwarming story.

Too busy to even split a dog with another family you say, but you still need something to carry in your purse like the celebrities (or on your arm like Bobby Brown)? Well if you live in the right cities, for a limited time, you can get a dog on an hourly basis.

Even better, your membership is good at any location:

And here’s another great FLEXPETZ feature: your FLEXPETZ membership is valid at any FLEXPETZ location. Just imagine visiting New York, Chicago, Paris or London and strolling through the city and parks with a FLEXPETZ dog!

Wow, that is exactly what has been missing from many vacations I have taken in the past . . . companionship on a strange dog!

I couldn't find the "Is This Legal?" tab on their website, but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that they will not be operating in many states. Ordinances are being passed prohibiting renting dogs which really is too bad. Having little success renting out my place for the DNC, I was going to list Dempsey next for those out of town conventioneers looking for that special human-pet bond they will be missing while away from home.

Any takers?

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I am Brian said...

People need to be shot... that website is twisted.

I was surprised there wasn't a tab that you could click on, so that you could request a certain breed/color for them to keep "in stock".

I wonder if they offer special packages, where you can rent a dog, complete with all the necessary accessories?